Focusing on You

We believe in bringing design and bridal back to the customer and their desires. From how it fits to what you want in a garment, we focus hard on providing the best to YOU.


Committed to Sustainability

With the environment becoming even more relevant to us, we play our part by ensuring waste is cut down by 98% when we cut fabric by taking our time. And if that wasn’t enough, all our pieces are made-to-order in-house so there’s no unused waste out there!


Value in Quality

When it comes to the creation of our pieces, we spend a lot of time ensuring no bead or stitch is out of place. We also ensure the fit is absolutely perfect so you feel the most confident no matter the event.

What about weddings?

Well when it comes to our brides, we follow the same mission whether you’re buying a gown or requesting our wedding planning services. We believe in making your day about the love between you and your fiance.

Our mission is to make it a stress-free, magical, and beautiful day that you can look back on with a smile. Whether it’s a traditional ceremony for your culture or a fun elopement, we are here for you!

What else?

Here are a few other things we focus on as well:

  • Culture and Body Inclusivity
  • Excellent Communication
  • Continuous Research to bring forward the best
  • New and Trendy Collections
  • Ethically Sourced Materials